150 Book launch

Its hard to believe that my book launch was only a week ago. And I have literally just sold out of books. Its been a crazy few months, which I did touch on in my speech at the launch. As the ‘good’ books had arrived, I felt I could then talk about my journey to get to this point. It has definitely not been a box of chocolates!


150 Book

“Ok I just want to start off by saying a few thank you’s

First of all to my husband Lukas and my family, for putting up with me and for always helping out at the drop of a hat

To Jenny Mountford for mentoring me through this project. It has had as many downs as ups, and whenever theres been a brick wall, Jenny has somehow got me over it. I will talk a little bit about this in a minute.

Thanks to all those who helped me with their suggestions of who should be in the book. I think over all it’s a very fair representation of Bridgetown’s demographic

And thanks to all those who are in the book, and who welcomed my lens into their house. Portrait photography is not sugar coated and it really is an honor to capture people in this way.

A friend of mine once told me that she went on a self publishing course. And I thought to myself what would you need to do one of those for? Luckily ignorance is bliss and its my nievity which allowed me to get on board this journey.

So at the beginning I thought I had a perfectly good book company. I had had heaps of gorgeous arty wedding books printed in the past, so I just thought stick with that I know. Anyway it turns out that when things start getting produced in volumes, people stop giving a shit, printers stop being able to print and literally everything falls apart. And this was only on day 2!!

Bearing in mind that I wanted this to be something historical, that was going to last for many years. 2 days didn’t really cut the mustard – so I literally had to walk away.

Stupidly I had used their program, but over the course of the next few days, I found a little printing firm in Sydney, learnt indesign and redesigned the book. Although this was a complete pain, I do believe that the whole exercise produced a better product in the long run.

3 weeks ago after getting lost in transit – my books arrived! I was so excited. Until I opened them, and they had been printed on the wrong stock! They were basically like a magazine.

I felt like I was back at stage one. In fact stage ones book was almost better. The waterworks had to be turned on as I wasn’t willing to settle for a sub standard product so they agreed to reprint.

And so here we are – It arrived on Wednesday!!”


The launch was a roaring success. From 2pm the place was packed, and I was quickly put to work at my designated signing table – could not believe the turnout. There was little time to do much else other than sign books and do my speech. I am totally over-whelmed by the feedback. Although on Monday I was never going to do another book, I feel like it may not be so challenging next time. So who knows…

Steve Dean from Twodeee Creative collaborated with me on the day, showing some short films of Bridgetown residents. Here is the one of Derek Knight. Really good work Steve. And Derek.. It made me feel very emotional.

South West Stories – Derek from Bridgetown

We had a great day over the weekend being a part of Victoria Baker Photographer exhibition and book launch. We contributed with some short docs on the local characters in the town.Here's the first in a series featuring some of the lovely and interesting characters in the South West WA region. #humansofbridgetown #150 #Southweststories #bridgetownwa #anotherdayinwa #southwestwa

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Here are some great shots from artist Peter Kovacsy of the day. Thanks Peter
Peter Kovacsy – Victoria Baker launch

So where do I go from here? I think i’m continuing with Humans of Bridgetown – Look out for 151!!!?

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