Kristen & Brent’s beautiful Farm Wedding in Bridgetown

Farm Wedding in Bridgetown

Kristen & Brent’s Farm Wedding in Bridgetown last Saturday really was so picture perfect. I think it really makes it when the location is somewhere that is so close to the couple’s heart. In this case it was the family farm, situated on the hillside overlooking the Blackwood River.

It was a stunning setting, and this combined with the rustic / vintage styling done by Kristen herself and Rustic Poppy really did make it fabulous.
Kristen, Brent & their bridal party were lots of fun and I hope that the pictures reflect this.
Congratulations Kristen & Brent

Farm Wedding in Bridgetown

“It is such a beautiful part of the world,” says Victoria, “and having the privilege of witnessing celebrations of love against the majestic backdrop of the SW landscape, I feel very lucky.”
With a background in film and a successful career working in the highly competitive London market, Victoria knows what it means to compose a great shot. She truly understands her camera, and as a result her images have a film-like quality, similar to the classic images of yesteryear. It is a style that perfectly compliments the scenery and feeling of the SW, and a look that so many couples seek to emulate in their wedding styling. “It is amazing how perfectly this style of photography works in this region,” says Victoria, “with the rural landscapes and heritage buildings, I find that the film-like feel of my photos ties everything together so nicely.”
As a photographer, Victoria’s passion is using her imagery to tell a story. And what better story is there than a love story? She is passionate about connecting with her clients, taking the time to learn their history, the stories of their relationships, where they have come from and where they are heading. Investing time in getting to know her clients in the lead up to their weddings means that Victoria is able to work more effectively on the day. “My couples are humble, fun-loving people who want to enjoy their day, leaving the camera worries up to me. I pride myself in being an unobtrusive photographer. My photos are real. As I document the day unveiling, they become a true representation that you can cherish- your memories preserved on film.” Emily Abbiss

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