Bridgetown Portraits – A few of my favourites

Bridgetown Portraits

Bridgetown Lifestyle PortraitsBridgetown Lifestyle PortraitsBridgetown Lifestyle PortraitsBridgetown Lifestyle PortraitsBridgetown Lifestyle PortraitsBridgetown Lifestyle PortraitsBridgetown Lifestyle PortraitsBridgetown Lifestyle PortraitsBridgetown Lifestyle PortraitsBridgetown Lifestyle Portraits

Bridgetown Portraits
I was recently involved in producing the new Bridgetown lifestyle newspaper. I feel very lucky to have landed the role as photographer shooting Bridgetown Portraits for this publication, as my main passion for photography lies within portraiture. 23 businesses and whilst very similar in perhaps the reasons behind their venture, are very different in terms of personality. A good portrait is one that reflects the subject’s character. Each business has it’s own unique feel, whilst keeping the continuity so that the paper flows. For me personally, it has allowed me to gain a deeper insight of the people behind the town that I already love.

Three hours from Perth along the scenic South Western Highway, upon the mighty Blackwood River, and surrounded by rolling hills and forests, is Bridgetown; a place blessed with a wealth of history, culture, community, and rich soils. The main streetscape exhibits early Australian architecture alongside mid-century and modern examples. Bridgetown is quiet but never dull, historic but with modern amenities. It has a close-knit community that welcomes visitors. Bridgetown is growing. More and more people are figuring out that this part of the world has something special to offer. The annual Blues at Bridgetown Festival is only one of the events that capture the spirit of the town throughout the calendar year. You’ll notice the shimmering blue lights signifying that it’s winter in WA’s ‘winter capital’. Bridgetown somehow manages to strike a balance between celebrating the authentic delights of a small country town and maintaining a place in the modern world. In other words you can get anything and do anything in Bridgetown. It may be three hours from Perth but its by no means isolated.
One of the few things that Bridgetown lacks is a modern print publication, something with style, and something dedicated to showcasing the incredible businesses and groups that flourish on the main street and in the town’s surrounds. Welcome to The Bridgetown, winter edition 2014, a locally made publication created in the ‘street press’ style synonymous with urban cultural centres, but which is ideally suited, and we believe essential, to a vibrant and modern rural setting like our town. The Bridgetown is a bi-annual publication. This first edition
is the ‘winter’ edition featuring interviews and stories from Bridgetown residents and business owners, a brilliant array of revealing photographs, and a wealth of information for
anyone local, or visiting, who wants to know what is going on in Bridgetown. Please feel free to spill coffee and toast crumbs (on its ultra absorbent pages) over breakie, or fold in half and leave in the car for those times you wonder “what time does that shop open?”, or pass on to your city mates as a souvenir. Any which way you read, flick, look, leave lying around – the
team here sincerely hope you enjoy The Bridgetown as much as we enjoyed making it.

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