Humans of Bridgetown Book

Over the last few years I have built a large body of work of Humans of Bridgetown. This is largely down to the tourism paper ‘The Bridgetown’ and also a couple of projects which I have done; The latest being Insight which was exhibited at Pip’s last year. Since becoming one of the Artists in Residence in The Rabbit Hole, I decided to focus my creativity back to this project because as well as meeting Bridgetown’s fascinating locals, it really was a project which was totally true to my work.
In a recent conversation with Pip who informed me about Bridgey’s upcoming birthday, (Yes I probably should have known this but haven’t been here all that long) producing a book celebrating this feels like its just meant to be. And so here I am – producing a book for Bridgetown’s 150th, containing 150 portraits of Bridgetownians. I am meeting such a diverse cross section of people, new and old which  create the tapestry of this town.

Here is a little taster of the book’s content. The rest you will have to wait for until the launch in June next year. Watch this space or follow me on fb Humans of Bridgetown