Insight Exhibition at Bridgetown Pottery Restaurant is now open…

Insight Exhibition

Insight ExhibitionInsight ExhibitionInsight ExhibitionInsight ExhibitionInsight ExhibtionInsight ExhibtionInsight ExhibitionInsight ExhibitionInsight Exhibtion

Insight Exhibition

And here is a sneaky peak!

Insight – The capacity to gain a deep understanding of someone or something

A collaboration between Photographer Victoria Baker & Artist Vicki Baker

@ Bridgetown Pottery Restaurant, Thurs to Sat or by appointment

Bridgetown Pottery Restaurant

I graduated with a BA hons in film photography at Falmouth College of Arts in the South West of England, and afterwards embarked on a 10 year career in London, where I became known for my portraiture photography, working for the likes of The Face and The Sunday Times . Studying film taught me the mechanics of the camera and how to compose my shot. The results are images which have a film like quality.

6 years ago, after backpacking up the coast of WA, camping next to a random aussie on a fishing trip who turned out to be my future husband, I traded it all in for ‘The Good life’ in Bridgetown, WA

Here I continue to work commercially shooting weddings and portraits, as well as following my own artistic journey. Insight is my third collaboration with artist Vicki Baker.

As a local, I am interested in the people of Bridgetown. This place is a hub for professionals, creatives, families, farmers and salt of the earth types; most often a mix of all of these.These people are here for a piece of the good life: a healthier, more sustainable, stress free existence.

In this project I wanted to create some beautiful portraits. Something which was real and insightful. In addition to the technical and creative components, it was the relationships with my subjects that were of utmost importance. Often this relationship had to be built in a very short amount of time. The subjects were vulnerable and had to trust me in order to explore their true selves in front of the lens.

I would like to thank everyone who I photographed for this exhibition, for letting me into your lives and allowing me to extract an image which I believe captures what living in Bridgetown means to us all.

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