The Bridgetown 3 is here!!




The Bridgetown 3 is here!

The Bridgetown is a street style newspaper showcasing what this little vibrant town has to offer. It is produced by Vanessa Brogan, photographed by myself, written by Emilie Abbiss and designed by Bridgetown Design & Print.


A few words from the Producer…

Welcome to the third issue of our local tourism publication ‘The Bridgetown’. In this issue you will see some familiar faces and many a newcomer; all with wonderful stories to tell about themselves and their businesses that are located in the Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes.
I can remember when my husband and I decided to move to Bridgetown over a decade ago. Many of our city friends asked the questions, “Where is Bridgetown?”, “What will you do down there without all the spoils of the city?”. I was quite delighted to hear these questions. It felt like the beauty
and the charm of this region was my little secret. Of course anywhere this beautiful could not remain a secret for long. The rolling hills, the vibrant oranges and reds of Autumn and the enchanting blossoms of Spring were always destined to entice even the most discerning tourist. But it was what lay beneath the surface that stole my heart. It is undeniably the community that resides here that makes this area so very special. The warmth and kindness that is
apparent when you venture into town, is extended to locals and tourists alike. The smile that says ‘Welcome, isn’t this a lovely place to be?’. The kids that still play outside; the elderly folk who can tell you a story or two about the shire’s vibrant past. And most importantly the way this shire pulls
together in times of trouble. We who live here are varied folk. Some are born and bred with many a street name showcasing their heritage. Others
are from far and wide. Most feel very lucky that we stumbled across this incredibly special part of the world.
Our third issue showcases just a portion of the many businesses and personalities that make up this small shire. Feel free to pick up a copy or even a few. Send them to your family and friends.
We are very proud of all that we have to offer. The secret is definitely out!

The Bridgetown 3

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