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Bridgetown's finest

Dalmore: A very special venue

Dalmore is one of Bridgetown’s distinctive heritage properties and the perfect landscape for those seeking a stunning mix of rural elegance and country charm.

Two hundred and fifty acres of rolling hills, historic buildings and a spectacularly renovated Shearing Shed make this unique destination truly memorable. For owners Emilie and Danny Abbiss, making the decision to open their home and farm to weddings was only natural. “We had our own wedding here a few years ago,” explains Emilie, “and everyone fell in love with the venue. We had done everything ourselves and it was such a beautiful day, we just wanted to be able to bring that same joy to other couples and their friends and families.”

Dalmore’s back paddock is a beautiful ceremony location with its magnificent old trees and enormous granite boulders, while the Shed, with ample outdoor entertaining space and a bespoke Jarrah bar, is an ideal reception venue. Guests can enjoy canapés on the patio overlooking the custom-built pool and garden oasis while taking in views of stunning creek line and the 100 year-old Workman’s Cottage. “We have everything couples need right here on the farm” Danny explains, ”the perfect ceremony venue, a completely unique reception space, and dozens of photo shoot locations.”

Emilie and Danny work side-by side with couples to plan the wedding celebrations of their dreams. “We only accept a few weddings each year, and so we put everything into those celebrations.” Emilie explains. “We want Dalmore weddings to always be one-of-a-kind, rare and beautiful events that couples can treasure.“ With a wide network of the best wedding service providers in the SW, the team is able to help couples source everything they might need including all important transport to and from the venue. Dalmore even provides garden fresh organic produce and farm-raised, chemical-free pork and lamb for in-house celebrations upon request.

To arrange a visit to Dalmore, please call Emilie on 9761 7030 or via the website www.dalmorefarm.com

Victoria Baker Photographer: Wedding Photography as Art

Fast becoming one of the region’s favourite wedding photographers, Victoria Baker provides a mix of contemporary and documentary style, fine art wedding photography across the South West.

“It is such a beautiful part of the world,” says Victoria, “and having the privilege of witnessing celebrations of love against the majestic backdrop of the SW landscape, I feel very lucky.”

With a background in film and a successful career working in the highly competitive London market, Victoria knows what it means to compose a great shot. She truly understands her camera, and as a result her images have a film-like quality, similar to the classic images of yesteryear. It is a style that perfectly compliments the scenery and feeling of the SW, and a look that so many couples seek to emulate in their wedding styling. “It is amazing how perfectly this style of photography works in this region,” says Victoria, “with the rural landscapes and heritage buildings, I find that the film-like feel of my photos ties everything together so nicely.”

As a photographer, Victoria’s passion is using her imagery to tell a story. And what better story is there than a love story? She is passionate about connecting with her clients, taking the time to learn their history, the stories of their relationships, where they have come from and where they are heading.

Investing time in getting to know her clients in the lead up to their weddings means that Victoria is able to work more effectively on the day. My couples are humble, fun-loving people who want to enjoy their day, leaving the camera worries up to me. I pride myself in being an unobtrusive photographer. My photos are real. As I document the day unveiling, they become a true representation that you can cherish- your memories preserved on film.”

To contact Victoria, please call 0416 857 961. Or email her at victoria@victoriabaker.com.au

Jodi Dagg, Rustic Poppy: Uniquely Beautiful Wedding and Event Hire and Styling

Rustic Poppy is a styling service with a difference. With their props, equipment, 1950’s vintage-inspired caravan bar ‘Miss Poppy’, and keen eye for creating the perfect look, the team is winning fans across the southwest and beyond.

Jodi works tirelessly for her clients. “I pride myself on providing personalised treatment, on working closely with each client to bring a touch of whimsical charm and sophistication to their special event. I want to know that every detail is perfect.” And her commitment doesn’t end there. “My goal is to make the special occasion as stress-free as possible for my clients. Planning an event is stressful enough! That is why we provide delivery and set up, photo backdrops as needed, decorative arbours, candy carts, and a whole array of styling elements to bring your day together beautifully.”

With the addition of ‘Miss Poppy’ to the Rustic Poppy offerings, clients have the chance to add a splash of vintage charm and whimsy to their special day. Restoring the van has been a labour of love for Jodi and her husband Stu, but seeing the joy that she brings to couples on their special day has made all the hard work worth it. ‘Miss Poppy’ is completely customised to serve tap and bottled beverages, including beer, wine and champagne as well as non-alcoholic beverages like soft drinks, tea and coffee. A team of friendly bar staff accompany Miss Poppy on her outings and are always happy to put together a cocktail or two as well.

What is it that Jodi most loves about her work? “I suppose it is the idea that we really do help people bring their dreams to life by styling their events into everything that they imagined and more. It is just so wonderful to be a part of that process, and to see how much happiness it brings. “

Please call 0407 985 327 or visit them on Facebook @ Rustic Poppy Wedding and Event Hire and Styling.

3DliciousCakes: Exceptional Custom-made Cakes For Weddings and Special Events

If you are looking for a truly amazing cake to celebrate your wedding day, Sheryl Cannon is the woman to call. Offering custom-made cakes to order, Sheryl works closely with her customers to create the design of their dreams. “I love the fact that I can individualise every order,” Sheryl says, “I work one-on-one with my clients to ensure that they receive exactly what they want. No cake is too big or too small.” Sheryl has always been an amazing baker, but it was her enthusiastic family and friends who inspired her to take it to another level. “I was forever playing with different cake flavours and decorations, and with each success my confidence grew,” Sheryl remembers. “As time passed, more and more people were asking me for cakes and placing orders, and eventually I had to take the plunge and quit my day job. I haven’t looked back.“

Every single one of Sheryl’s cakes is made from scratch. Each one is an individual design, completely unique and made in keeping with the design brief created with the client. “I think the most important thing is that everything that comes out of this kitchen is made with love,” Sheryl says. “It really does make all the difference in how the cake looks and tastes.” As much an artist as a baker, Sheryl spends hours in her kitchen until she can get the perfect finish and design on every cake that she creates.

For couples, Sheryl really goes the extra mile to ensure that their wedding cake is everything they hope it will be. “It is such a privilege to be a part of a couple’s celebration,” Sheryl reflects, “I am a perfectionist when it comes to every tiny detail. Being a small business, I do it all myself and so I have the pleasure of knowing that the cakes are perfect when they head out the door.”

For couples looking to add a one of a kind cake to their special day, Sheryl can be contacted on 0427 021 273 and emailed at s.cannon72@bigpond.com. To view some of her beautiful cakes, please visit 3Dlicious on Facebook

Trott’s Cottage and Black Crab Kitchen: A Winning Wedding Combination

Trott’s Cottage is, without question, one of the prettiest country estates that you will ever come across. With 3 acres of carefully maintained parkland gardens, this landmark property is a jewel in Bridgetown’s crown.

Roger and Toni Purnell, the proud owners of Trott’s, are well known in Bridgetown for their award-winning restaurant, The Emporium Bistro, and Black Crab Kitchen, their in-demand catering company. Already experienced hands at catering for weddings and large events, Roger and Toni have now combined their passion and talent for food with their very special property, turning Trott’s Cottage into a sought after location for weddings.

“We really feel that this is a perfect location for making your wedding day a unique, unforgettable experience,” says Toni. “Black Crab Kitchen takes care of food for the entire event, and that means that couples can relax and really enjoy their day.” One of the wonderful things about Trott’s is that it is an all-encompassing venue: couples can have the wedding ceremony and reception in the same place. “The extensive grounds offer a number of choice locations for the ceremony, the reception can be held in a lakeside marquee and there are so many stunning spots for the wedding photos,” Toni explains. Trott's is also just a pleasant walk from many of town's lovely accomodation options

For Toni and Roger, it was the incredible garden at Trott’s that inspired them to open their home as a venue. “It is just spectacular,” says Roger, “In the spring, the flowers are all in bloom and the 140-year old hand-built cottage adds such a rustic beauty to the property. It is simply charming.” They pride themselves on being able to offer couples an unforgettable venue in which to create treasured memories.

Trott’s Cottage and Black Crab Catering can be contacted on 0418 613 242 

Earth Blooms by Aromatic Passions: Sustainable, Stunning Wedding Floristry

For couples looking to decorate their special day with beautiful blossoms and exquisite arrangements, they need search no further than Earth Blooms.

A well-respected Aromatherapist in the SW, Linda is also a qualified Florist, having completed her training in Floristry three decades ago. “Although I love working as an Aromatherapist,” Linda explains, “I have been missing the creativity of floristry. I spent many years working in that industry, specialising in bridal floristry, and it is something that draws me back again and again. I love all things aromatic and botanical and I love the seasonality of working with flowers: the changing colours, fragrances and the way that the flowers inspire the final design.”

Launched this spring, Earth Blooms is already winning hearts with paper and hessian wrapped bouquets available at The Bridgetown Loft on weekends. One of the most exciting elements about the business is Linda’s commitment to sustainable sourcing of her flowers, in fact she is so devoted to being environmentally sounds, she grows all of her flowers herself. “We’re a field-to- vase business, “ Linda explains. “That means that the floral designer grows all the flowers in-house, or ‘in garden’, as it were. This cuts out the travelling time otherwise associated with ‘flower market’ flowers, so the flowers are much fresher upon delivery. Also because Earth Blooms are grown outside, rather then in a hothouse, they are sustainable; the insects and the soil benefit from their growing. And they are organic, fertilised only with a homemade compost generously contributed by Monty the Appaloosa pony!”

So couples are able to enjoy the fragrant beauty of Linda’s amazing arrangements while also knowing that they are contributing environmentally with every brilliant bouquet - what a wonderful way to celebrate a wedding day!

To arrange a wedding consultation with Linda or place an order for a bouquet or filled vases, please call 0426 933 368, or email aromaticepassions@hotmail.com