Sandy & Brianna’s wonderful country wedding on Rackliff Island in Maine USA

An American Wedding

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Sandy & Brianna’s wonderful country wedding on Rackliff Island, Maine USA

I have spent much of the evening perfecting this for my darling little brother and new sister! After going on to Sandy about the fact that I pride myself in a really fast turn around (Yes – this is very fast for a wedding photographer Sandy) – here goes!

For me, it doesn’t really get much more special than a sibling’s wedding. The last time my family were all together was 2 years ago for my Granny’s 90th. It was 8 years before that. My brother Sandy jokes that he made my other brother Will bestman so he’d have to come (Will also lives in Australia and is a farmer) Sandy and his gorgeous bride Brianna’s engagement was relatively short, so without a doubt this wedding just snooped up on all of us.

Bri and her lovely family are from Maine, NE U.S.A. So many family members and great friends of Sandy’s & Bri’s traveled to Rackliff Island which is near Rockland in Maine. In Australia we’d call this a destination wedding. Apart from the main celebration, everyone is there for the build up and also the clean up.

It has been a great pleasure and honour to photograph Bri & Sandy’s wedding. There aren’t any of the actual ceremony because I was told to sit down and ’embrace’ the moment, which I whole heartedly did. I hope that these photos evoke memories that will be cherished forever. Not just Sandy and Bri, but our whole family: The Nightingales and the Gelinas.

Sandy & Brianna’s wonderful country wedding on Rackliff Island, Maine USA

August 14, 2017

Victoria Baker

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