Creatives of Bridgetown.

Having recently felt this big urge to jump aboard the Humans of Bridgetown wagon after a little time off doing other stuff, I thought I would share some recent work. Well… Recent-ish. The following series is the start of a sub-project within Humans of Bridgetown called Creatives of Bridgetown. Bridgetown is oozing creativity, and I want to show this, not just by stating the obvious but by showing that creativity comes in many forms. The majority of this work was taken whilst I was still buzzing off the success of my book. I have calmed down a little and am taking smaller steps. Who knows a book might eventuate, but in the mean time I feel the need to share some of these wonderful Creatives of Bridgetown.

  1. Steve Dean & Davina Jogi – Twodee Creative
  2. Kim Perrier – Carbonature
  3. Collen Curry
  4. Alicia Rogerson 
  5. Gabriel Evans
  6. Chris Latham
  7. Martin Sherlock
  8. Dawn Crozier
  9. Johnny Vlahov
  10. Adrian Bolton
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