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After graduating with a BA (Hons) in Photography at Falmouth College of Arts in the South West of England, I embarked on a 10 year career in London, where I became known for my portraiture photography, working for the likes of The Face, the Sunday Times & Advertising Agency M&C Saatchi. 

7 years ago, after backpacking up the West coast and camping next to a random aussie on a fishing trip who turned out to be my future husband, I traded it all in for ‘The Good life’ in Bridgetown, WA

Married to Lukas, with children Evie & Charlie, here I continue to work commercially shooting weddings and portraits, as well as following my own artistic journey. My book '150' was published this year, which explores the amazing diversity within 150 humans of Bridgetown.

I LOVE love stories and I love telling them

I feel very lucky to be working doing something that I am so passionate about. It is such a wonderful pleasure to be witnessing 'love' and having the opportunity to create a work of art out of it, really is an honour.

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