Here's my game plan to help keep myself and others around me safe, and be able to attend your wedding

Should I catch covid or have to isolate, I have a few associate photographers with very similar styles which I can call on, and who will shoot on my behalf. Please know that these photographers come very highly recommended and will be working under my brand. I will still absolutely look after you 100% through this journey and will be editing the images, so essentially you will finish up with a very similar product. 

I'm triple vaxxed and will keep my boosters up as necessary.

I will be wearing a N95 mask whenever possible (Even without mandates) and practice social distancing.

I'll minimise my risk of catching covid by avoiding high risk areas.

I've purchased some RAT tests so that I can test myself instantly if necessary. I will also test prior to each wedding for peace of mind.

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The show must go on

things that YOU CAN DO

Ask your guests to minimise going to high risk areas leading up to the wedding.

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Mask up (Obviously mandates are in place now, but even without) and practice social distancing. (sorry if i'm stating the obvious here)

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Ask your guests to stay at home if they are feeling unwell, and obviously get tested.

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Be in touch with your vendors and check to see if they have a game plan.

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Have that discussion - If certain guests are not able to attend, or if your wedding venue suddenly had to close, would your wedding still go ahead? And what would this look like.

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Have a champagne congratulations straight after the ceremony to encourage less hugging and kissing. This way you and your guests will still feel like you're still celebrating to the max.

Limit the size of the groups in your family photos and possibly ditch the photo of everybody. Remember the walking back down the aisle photo can double up as this, so utilise this shot instead.

Remind your guests to practise social distancing throughout the day. It's amazing how quickly it goes out the window after a few drinks.

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If possible put your dance floor outside

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Although we continue into 2022 with uncertainty, know with certainty that I will do all I can on my end to make everything as easy as possible for your wedding moving forward. Any concern or worries that you have about your wedding, I am here for you. And I want to provide some clarity over the three main scenarios that may come about.


the 3 scenarios

The Government Prohibits Weddings

If your wedding cannot happen due to one or both of you getting infected with covid-19, a lockdown or an actual ban on any type of wedding, then I will work with you to reschedule a new date within 12 months, free of charge. If all attempts to find a new date fail then you can opt for an associate shooter of mine or a full refund including the deposit.

Scenario 1.


Border closures, masks, density requirements and other restrictive particulars may make you want to postpone your wedding. I understand! I really do. In this instance, you can reschedule your date for a small fee and any money (Including the deposit) which has been paid will be transferred to the new date. If you decide to cancel, I will retain the deposit. The reason being is that I will have lost income by turning down weddings that would have gone ahead. I do make allowances if it's unimaginable that any wedding could have gone ahead.

Scenario 2.

I'm eloping!

I totally get it, if you're over the stress, just want to be with the one you love and say 'I do'... then this may well be the option for you. If you wish to keep your date then you can simply ask for my elopement packages. If you want to reschedule the date then you will incur a small rescheduling fee. Any other money which has been paid, will be transferred to the new date.

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of elopements and I have got tonnes of inspo in my blog should you consider this route.


Scenario 3.