Over the last few years, I have had several solo shows ranging from editorial portraits to more conceptual based portraiture exhibitions When not concentrating on commercial work, my art is my main focus. It completes me as a person, and gives me the freedom to express myself. I see it different to the work which I am doing for other people because I have no boundaries. I am my own director, boss, client. When being commissioned by somebody else, I see the job through their eyes. I feel this is key, and I try to anticipate what they are imagining and go on to express it through the medium of photography.

Insight 5th August 2016 – 10th October 2016 @ Bridgetown Pottery Restaurant Another collaboration with artist Vicky Baker bringing our personal observations on Bridgetown’s inhabitants to the table

Water Under the Bridge 5th July – 2nd August 2014 @ 124 Hampton St, Bridgetown 6255 A further collaboration with Vicky Baker, exploring Bridgetown’s vacant spaces and the landscapes they inhabit ‘A moment of history is exactly as it sounds. With each second passing, each piece of existence is changing. That is what i love about photographing things, everything is influenced by time. It will never be the same again. These homesteads, once places saturated with family life, farming life, wealth and love, are now left and to many seen as just a pile of stones and rubble. My aim with this collection is to make the onlooker take a moment and look into what once was’

Spectral 1st Feb – 5th March 2014 @ Pip’s Pottery & Gallery, Bridgetown WA Spectral is the first collaboration between Victoria Baker (photographer) and Vicki Baker (artist). Using Donnelly Mill as a backdrop, Spectral examines that intangible fragment that once noticed, redefines. A powerful and thought provoking exhibition, Spectral compels us to inhabit the spaces between the historic, the aesthetic and the ephemeral.

Miss Trust, London 23rd April – 23rd October 2009 @ Alphabet, 61 – 63 Beak St, London  W1F 9SL A series of images which meld high fashion with a narrative exploring the fractious duality of self.

The Hidden Hospital, London 19th – 30th Dec 2008  @ The Whitechapel Gift Shop, London E1LBA 19th Jan – 30th Feb 2009  @ The Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel,  London E1 1BB A series of portraits of hospital workers taken over a number of visits to the Royal London Hospital depicting the diverse & unusual careers vital to the hospital’s success.