Ayesha & Grant / Linga Longa Wedding Venue

And where such a superb venue like Linga Longa Wedding Venue begins…

This story is actually two stories. Two love stories, actually many love stories but two families with stories filled with love. 

Ayesha & Grant booked me as their wedding photographer, so as I do with any venue I’ve never shot at  – I rang the owners of their chosen venue –  Linga Longa Wedding Venue to come and have a look around. And that’s when I met Bec, Boxer, Blake and his wife Talitha – all who welcomed me onto their amazing family run property, fully prepared to give me a full site tour so that I could familiarise myself with it. 

As a wedding photographer on a property of this scale, its not ok to just say ‘We’ll go with the flow’ although this is naturally the way in which I work. With something this size –  you really need to live it and breath it for a long period of time, if you want to find the magic spots for yourself. So as much as I’d love to just hangout out at Linga Longa, it made sense just to listen to the people in the know.

The People in the know: Two young boys had a dream of a family retreat. Their dream was of a space where they could run wild and free. After years of searching for the just the right spot, they found an advertisement that read; “Steep rugged hills and oceans of water.” It was perfect. 

The year was 2012 and a core group of family and friends set about making dreams into reality . They worked on bringing the old 100 year-old homestead cottage back to its former charm and set about reclaiming the land that, being left unattended for over 20 years, was an overgrown tangled mess. The dam was restructured and extended and developed into a delightful tranquil lake.

The effort of actualising these visions created many happy memories that will be forever cherished by those working together. Working from a historically named nearby family forbearers farm, the property became Linga Longa in 2013 as a legacy.

Continuing the ‘work hard, dream big’ ethos that symbolises Linga Longa, the vision for building a premier mountain bike park was formed and actualised into a reality.

When one of those dreaming boys grew up and decided to marry, he chose to marry his dream girl in his childhood dream spot. His family wedding in September 2018 was such a special occasion, Linga Longa Wedding Venue developed into a weekend camping wedding venue, sharing the beauty and tranquillity of the open space and enriching the wedding day of many. 

As it grows and evolves Linga Longa continues to be a family owned and run property.

At the heart of this estate is a family that values and treasures this land.

This place is a hideaway world where anything seems possible.  From the beginning it became a place that inspires dreams and adventure. A place that you never want to leave. 

Over the years more and more people have been captivated by the magic of this special slice of earth and all who come want to Linga Longa. 

Ayesha & Grant met at a Uni lawn bowls party, through Grant’s brother who worked with Ayesha at the time. The theme was underground glamour and Ayesha was clearly blown away by Grant’s Russel Brand inspired costume, as well as his amazing dancing skills. 

They tied the knot here at Linga Longa Linga Longa Wedding Venue almost exactly 12 years to the day later. Linga Longa is a magnificent privately owned property nestled in the forest and hills along the Blackwood River near Bridgetown & Balingup.

The ceremony spot at Linga Longa Wedding Venue really is like no other. And when visiting ‘The Forest Cathedral’ at it is rightly called with Ayesha & Grant the day before, Grant even said “Once we saw this – We knew this had to be it”  

And to get to this magical place is an adventure in itself. Bec & Boxer transport all the guests up by bus, up through the rolling hills, featuring absolutely stunning scenery and views for miles.

Ayesha was walked down the aisle by her brother Ben and received a vibrant welcome with cheering and clapping. It was a really gorgeous moment and there were even a few tears from behind the camera here. Celebrant Nikki McCarthy gave a beautiful ceremony as always and the couple’s homemade vows were heartfelt & beautiful. 

The two sealed the deal with the signing of the documents on the enchanted Forest Catherdral’s quaint ceremony table and then finally – The kiss! The couple walked back up the aisle and were greeted in arms by all their guests.

What happened next will go down as one of my favourite wedding photography stories ever!! 

The plan had been to be taken by Boxer in the bus up to the cottage to drop off Ayesha & Grant’s girls and then begin the bridal portraits. Two things didn’t go right here. When we arrived at the cottage, the babysitters were nowhere to be seen, and when Boxer checked the very precise run sheet I’d created, he noticed that my sunset time was way off the Linga Longa sunset time (Big note to self here – take hills into account) and that we would be lucky to even get there with the sun still up. 

Anyway – as you can see below, we did get there. Boxer is a very experienced driver when it comes to taking an orange school bus off roading. It was definitely my most exciting bus ride in a first world country ever. We held on tight and the girls impressively managed to not spill any of their champagne. 

We were literally chasing the sun up the hill and then we got there, and this is what happened…

Strutting back towards the party of a life time. Held in Linga Longa’s 10×30 metre marquee, beautifully lit with festoon lights.

The speeches were wonderful, hilarious and emotional. The food by Supper road just incredible and the drinks by Beer Caddie were delicious and flowing. And then the tunes started… which were absolutely pumping. Best Wedding DJ ever! I couldn’t help but get my wiggle on!  

Grant was showing some fine moves which had been talked about at the ceremony. So was his Mum Judy. I definitely think he must of inherited them off of her. 

And there we have it. I let them to party off into the night.

Congratulations Grant & Ayesha. I hope you have many years of happiness together. xx

Venue – Linga Longa

Video – Venture Forth Film Co

Celebrant – South West Weddings by Nikki

Furniture – Hire in Style

Bar – Beer Caddie

Florist –  Euka Floral Design

Food – Supper Road

DJ – Western Sounds

Makeup – Jo McGuire Makeup

Hair – DM Hair Design

Dress – Made with Love Bridal supplied by Brides by Design

‘We are so grateful to have been married at Linga Longa Wedding Venue. Bec and Boxer have poured their hearts into developing and maintaining this beautiful estate, which really showcases the bush and the hills of the Blackwood Valley Region. The Forest Cathedral is something from a fairytale, and having our guests camp onsite made for a unique and super fun weekend wedding. We would come back back to Linga Longa in an instant!’. Ayesha & Grant 

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March 31, 2021

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