Sam & TJs Vegan Wedding in Pemberton

Hello Victoria! 

As I sit here with Tj writing this, glass of gin in hand ready to go through our beautiful gallery, we wanted to firstly say thank you. 

We have been absolutely overjoyed with everything. You have captured everything we wanted for our wedding day. Looking through the sneak peaks and sharing them with our family and friends, we have had the opportunity to relive the beauty, fun and absolute love that oozed all day.  

The one thing that we were hesitant about was choosing the right photographer for us. I am so thankful that I came across you because I felt like we could be safe being photographed by you as a same sex couple as well as being heard with what we were wanting captured and relived for years to come. 

You made us feel like an old friend was there with us throughout the day and the lead up. We loved going on our adventures with you and we just had so much fun the whole time, it was less getting photos taken and more having our family and friends around us having fun with a little gem photography elf just grabbing those moments. Also, just WOW! Your attention to detail is a cut above the rest. 100/10. I am starstruck. We are so lucky that we came across your photography, we truly believe you were sent by angels. You are just hands down the best! 

We are also tickled pink that we made it onto your blog and it brought my mum and I to tears reading the beautiful words you had to say about us. You are truly a beautiful person inside and out and it truly shows.

Thank you thank you THANK YOU Victoria,

Lots and lots of love,

Mrs & Mrs. Cross + Archie xx

July 4, 2022

Victoria Baker

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