NEW Print & USB Presentation boxes

I have been working on my print and USB presentation for a while, having gone through a range of varying styles over the years. I had been using rustic boxes for a long time at one point, but stopped as I just didn't feel they were very ethical. They were from etsy but I didn't know anything about the wood that they were made out of. 

So in a bid to find something sustainable, I've been on a hunt. I am surrounded by forest, so it feels only right to be using something from this forest. My boxes are made from jarrah - a wood only native to this South West corner of Australia. 

To add to this, I have locally made & engraved wooden USBs, and this is then completed with a comlimentary selection of museum quality mini prints, printed onto rag cotton.

It is very important to me, that my products are all of top quality, and stand the test of time. Photography plays a very big part in history, so why not cease the opportunity to create it?

All my future wedding couples will be receiving one of these. And they are also available to purchase after a family or portrait session.