5 things to think about when hiring your Photographer

Victoria Baker, Nannup, SW Western Australia

It really is no secret that I absolutely LOVE what I do. So much so that my absolute heart & soul into every wedding I photograph. It is equally as important for me to be a great fit with my couples, because ultimately I want them to have the best wedding experience possible and to be absolutely in love with their images.

So here are my top 5 key things to think about when choosing your photographer!

1. Their style. Loving your photographer’s style is one of the most important things to factor in. Look at some photographer’s work, either on their website or on instagram and discuss with your partner which style suits you best, what you love as a couple and make your selection this way.

You can either ask for recommendations from your venue, do a google search or on instagram – a great way is to do this is to search up hashtags and geotags for the location and venue in which you’re getting married.

I would call my style ‘stylised documentary’ I am definitely not just a fly on the wall, nor am I particularly posey. I will give subtle direction as necessary, whilst keeping the images authentic and present. I want them to be emotive, so that when you look at them – you are transported back to that moment. And to help me achieve this – I go for a darker, slightly more moodier look which I enhance in post-production

The way in which your photographer works is a key element which needs to be encompassed into your day.

Do you want to go for a three hour photoshoot? No? Good!! I am all ears when it comes to hearing how you want your day to flow. Then I will offer advice as to what will work best in order to achieve the most awesome photos possible. I am well aware that you will be wanting to go and spend time with your loved ones, which is why I will figure out how to get the best of both worlds, And I promise this will not involve a 3 hour photoshoot! But did you know that for many of my couples, the photos are the best part of the day? YES! It’s the part where they have an absolute ball embracing whats just happened with their nearest and dearest, aka their bridal party.

2. Do you like them? You are going to be spending the most significant and wonderful day of your lives with your photographer, so you have to really like them me and trust them.

You know how some friends just really bring out the best in you? Well I need to be one of these. Meet me before the day, whether it’s in peor on zoom. And go with your gut feeling.

3. Do they go above and beyond? Unless you’ve been to tonnes of weddings or work in the industry, the chances are if you were to just book a photographer with no communication leading up to the day, you would have little idea about timings, how long the shoot will take or what to prioritise.

I am genuinely invested in your wedding, because I am so passionate at what I do. I want to take the stress out of your wedding day and I am here to offer my advice and support. I know a bunch of amazing vendors who are equally as awesome, which I will send your way. And I will help you create a timeline and plan your day. I also have a downloadable pdf which is full of tips and tricks to help make your day be AWESOME! And this is before we even get started on the photos! Think of me as your plannographer! This also helps create a strong relationship between us. I want to be able to get the best out of you on the day, and for you be totally relaxed around me and my camera.

4. Investing in me or Uncle Bob? After the wedding, it’s the memories which are left. In the form of photos. Not only are they memories, but also a record of your family’s history.

These are two elements I believe are INSANELY important, so that both you and generations after can relive this special day. Don’t expect a non professional such as your Dear old Uncle Bob to produce professional images. Who you get to do this is in my view like choosing between a cheese sandwich (Uncle Bob) and a gourmet sandwich with all the trimmings (Me!). If you want amazing results which you can cherish, then invest in someone who will look after you, take the day in their stride and make you feel like a rockstar all at the same time.

5. Has your Photographer got it covered? In the unlikely event of something not quite going to plan at a wedding, it’s essential to have protocols in place.

I am part of an amazing community of wedding photographers should god forbid anything happen to me. Plus I have several associate shooters who can shoot on my behalf. Please check out my covid policy for more on this. They are very highly recommended and would be shooting under my brand. I also have insurance, PLI and a contract which will protect both parties. Nobody likes talking about this stuff but it’s important to have it covered

Bonus tip. The other products I offer. Only too often are photos left on a USB in the back of the drawer.

I DO NOT WANT THIS TO BE YOU!! I want your photographs to be tangible so that they can be enjoyed. I offer fine art prints and fine art albums. The best that money can buy. They are both archival and beautiful, and I have several samples if you would like to see.

I am always open to having a chat and answering questions. Feel free to DM me, email or call at anytime.

Victoria. x

June 17, 2022

Victoria Baker

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