What to Wear to a Portrait Session

So…What to Wear to a Portrait Session?

The Most Important Thing… Is to be Yourself!

Forget the lights and lenses for a moment – a portrait session will always be about reflecting the real you. Wear something that’s going to give you confidence, an outfit you feel comfortable in and represents who you are as a person. Jumper and jeans, your favourite shirt, an elegant flowing dress; whatever it is, make sure it’s true to you

Compliment Your Colours

It’s best to avoid wearing matching clothes on couple or group portrait sessions; when outfits are too similar, the photos have a tendency to look unnatural, contrived and a little bit dated. In the place of matchy-matchy ensembles, go for colours and fabrics that complement each other.

Heavy branding and obvious trends can also make images look old beyond their time, even just a few years later. Neutral colours that complement natural skin tones combined with scenic backdrops will make your images appear timeless.

Match your outfit to the season and location

If it’s cold out, don’t be afraid to wrap up in layers! You can balance chunky knits with skinny jeans or pair your favourite jacket with a flowing dress underneath. When the sun’s out, go for light, free-flowing fabrics – they photograph beautifully. You’ve probably had a photo or two ruined by bra straps or tan lines, so my advice is always to stay away from those kinds of cuts to keep your images as pristine as possible.

 Location is another thing to keep in mind. If you’re shooting in the middle of town, go smart-casual. If it’s the middle of a farm, rock some country chic! This is just a basic guideline, of course; if you’re looking to make a serious statement, throw caution to the wind and go wild. Ball gown in a barn? Tuxedo on a tractor? Break it out. As a country wedding photographer in Southwest Australia, I’ve seen every classic and eclectic combo in the book, so you do you!

Bring a few different options

Everyone loves a good maxi dress, especially when you set it off with the right kind of light and motion. But if the wind is too strong, things can go south (or north!) very fast. It’s always a good idea to bring a few different outfit options along to the shoot, so if the conditions shift you’ve got yourself covered with looks that you love. You can also do a quick costume change in between shots to get a nice variety of looks in your session!

Flatter your body shape

Every single body is beautiful; the right fabrics and cuts just help to accentuate our individuality. With that in mind, I’ve shot every size and shape under the sun during my career as one of the top wedding photographers in Bridgetown, and my female clients often ask me what the best look for them is. So, drawing on that experience, I’ve written up a few tips below to help you look your beautiful best on film!

 PEAR-SHAPED: Show off those curves! A-line designs are always a solid choice: anything that focuses on cinching the waist and flowing from the hips will flatter your shape and look amazing.

 APPLE-SHAPED: An A-line style works great for you ladies too. The soft flow from the waist to the legs is always flattering, and don’t be afraid to experiment with texture; it can look amazing on film.

 BUSTY: It’s all about finding the right neckline here. Scoop and sweetheart necklines offer support while also opening up your décolletage and highlighting your face, shifting focus up to your gorgeous smile.

 PETITE: Classic cuts and beautifully tailored designs will look amazing on you. Slim ladies might be inclined to reach for a figure-hugging number to accentuate curves, but tight clothing can be constricting and uncomfortable when it comes to the shoot. A belted A-line dress or a simple tailored-blouse-and-jeans look will be both comfortable and elegant.

Fall Under the spell of an engagement Session

Engagement sessions are wonderful little adventures in their own right; however, they also give you a chance to test drive your wedding photographer before the big day. If you’re going to take the trouble of hiring a boutique wedding photographer in Busselton (or beyond!) then you’ll want to remove as much guesswork as possible. Engagement shoots also provide a great opportunity to test your wedding day hair and make-up on camera, or to shake out a few of those pre-ceremony jitters. By the time your actual big day rolls around, you’ll know your photographer so well you’ll be able to breeze through the whole thing with your eyes closed (please don’t actually do this). You can read more about them here… 5 Reasons to do an engagement session

June 17, 2022

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