8 Ceremony Tips you can’t afford to miss!

Dalmore Farm ceremony spot

Whether you’re a couple who consider the ceremony to be the most significant part of the day, or you’d just rather get the official part out of the way asap, so you can party on and celebrate, these tips are for you! Because ultimately this is the moment where your married life begins!


These tips are designed so that you will not only have the best experience, but also incredible photos to match. Enjoy. x

Photo at The Forest Cathedral at Linga Longa

Ceremony Tip 1. Find the right celebrant

Find the perfect celebrant for you. – one you connect with and who has a sense of humour. It’s easy to get caught up in the seriousness of the matter during the ceremony, so having a bit of a laugh will not only break the ice but will get a ton of happy faces in your photos

Ceremony Tip 2. Lighting

Try and think about the kind of light which your ceremony will be in. Opt for later in the day if possible as the light is always softer when the sun is going down. Obviously this will also be determined by other factors such as the time of year, bridal portraits and reception time (I am a logistical master when it comes to creating timelines)

Have the sun behind you, so that you’re not having to squint into each other’s eyes! And make sure you are both standing in the same kind of light so that you are evenly exposed in the photos. Try and avoid dappled light if at all pos.

If your ceremony is inside, check than any exterior light is not too fluorescent or over powering. In this case, it may be better to turn the lights off.

Photo at the Upper Clearing, Stonebarn Lodge

Ceremony Tip 3. Position

It’s much better for the photos and your guests if they can see you. So face each other. Don’t be afraid to hold hands so you can support each other if you’re feeling a tad nervous.

Photo at Donnelly River Holiday Village

Ceremony Tip 4. Breathe

Whether you want it to or not, this moment will be gone in a flash! Take you time – BREATHE and embrace what is happening!

Photo at Tanjanerup Chalets, Nannup

Ceremony Tip 5. Unplug your Ceremony

You want your guests to be present and embrace the moment (A rarity in this digital era) Also as it’s your wedding, I am sure you want to have some control over what pops up on social media. After all it’s only fair that you the couple get to share your news with your official pics first! (Side note – all of my couples get their sneak peeks within 24-48hrs!) And lastly, I am sure you don’t want a sea of phones (Or iPads – yes I’ve seen it all!) In your photos.

Photo Dalmore Farm, Bridgetown

Ceremony Tip 6. Do Something unique

What about doing something special which is close to your heart, that makes your ceremony unique to you? This could be anything from a traditional hand tying ceremony to having your very own flower & beer boys walking down the aisle first, throwing confetti and handing out drinks! Seriously… you can have a lot of fun with this!

Ceremony Tip 7. The Kiss!

When your celebrant announces that you’re married! If you’re going to have a kiss, take your time and let your celebrant get well out of the way!! This shot does not look good at all if the celebrant is too close! And sometimes if it’s a wide shot, they may not realise how far they need to move away. (Side note – I always speak to the celebrant prior!)

Photo: Karri Valley Resort

Ceremony Tip 8. Walking back down the aisle

When you walk back down the aisle, remember… YOU OWN THIS MOMENT. Embrace it, laugh and have some fun. Having a little kiss on the way down will also get your guests cheering! Add confetti for extra oomph (No amount is too big!) This can also be done in an eco way such as using petals or leaves. Get everybody to throw it at the same time.

Photo Riverglen Chalets, Margaret River

Bonus Ceremony Tip

Let the congratulations happen organically straight after the ceremony. In my experience, when it has been put off to have later on, it doesn’t have the same energy. This is the ideal opportunity for your photographer to capture all the excitement & some precious moments with your loved ones.

Hope these ceremony tips come in useful and you have one hell of an incredible ceremony!!! If you are looking for more useful wedding & ceremony tips, check this post out –

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July 28, 2022

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