6 Tips for getting Killer Aisle Photos

This is such a precious moment, a pure moment of joy for you and all of your guests! Getting some awesome shots really are something to cherish.

Follow these easy steps and you will be well on your way to achieving killer aisle photos without having to overthink it and jeopardise the moment

So here goes – My 6 Tips for getting Killer Aisle Photos

1.Own it

This is you two being introduced to the world and you are never going to be more newly married than this, so remember THIS IS YOUR MOMENT!!!

2. Walk at a medium pace.

Do not rush this – breath, embrace & enjoy!

3. Try not to look down

This may sound obvious but look forward, at each other or make eye contact with your guests for the best pics

4. Have a little kiss on the way down

This will get your guests going wild!…

5. Add confetti A lot of! Don’t be shy about it

Too much confetti is just not a thing! Go crazy! And of course you can do it in an environmentally friendly way using petals or leaves

6. Get your guests to throw the confetti upwards and all at the same time.

Upwards and not at you! This could make it quite unpleasant. Getting your celebrant to brief your guests just before should put a stop to this. As soon as you enter that aisle – get everyone to throw. This is something that I have learnt over time, as it results in most confetti in the air during any one time.

I hope these are useful to you!! I am always super keen to share my knowledge, tips and tricks.

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April 21, 2022

Victoria Baker

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