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Dreamy Dalmore Farm Weddings, Bridgetown WA

I can’t lie, I absolutely adore a country chic wedding. There is a simple beauty to it. An understated elegance that comes from a somewhat unorthodox place – where wood is ceiling to floor and the grasses blow high in the wind. This is why the Dalmore Farm wedding venue in Bridgetown, WA is hands-down one of my favourite places to shoot a wedding. It is all of those things and so much more, rolled into one amazing, all-inclusive package! 

Let Me Set The Scene …

Dalmore Farm, Bridgetown WA somehow combines pure luxury into a country setting. The rolling hills that surround the area turn golden in the sunlight and practically shimmer during the “golden hour” – which happens to be a prime time for us to capture some amazing Dalmore Farm wedding photos. Especially considering the West Coast is world-renowned for its awe-inspiring sunsets! 

Not only does it offer this fantastic fusion of rustic opulence, it also suits all wedding parties big and small. Whether you’re going for a more bespoke wedding concept, or a very DIY style, Dalmore Farm and its staff are there to accommodate and assist. 

Actually, that’s one of the main reasons I love this place. The owners Emilie and Danny are so hands-on with their wedding parties, the staff is attentive, helpful and professional, and they all make you feel like you’re at home. That down-home vibe plays even more into the country feel of the space! 

Let’s peel back the layers and take a look at all the nuts and bolts that’ll help put this all together. I’m here to ask (and answer) the tough questions to make sure you’re armed with all the information when it comes to choosing your wedding venue. 

How Much Does A Dalmore Farm Wedding Cost? 

One of the great things about a Dalmore Farm wedding is that the cost depends on you. How big your party is, if you’re going DIY, and more. 

Overall though, the breakdown is as such: 

  • DIY hire price is from $9,500
  • Complete ceremony packages start at $4,500
  • Reception packages start at $125 per person 

Another great feature of Dalmore Farm is that couples can utilise all of the areas at Dalmore – including the beautifully restored shed facility with a seating capacity of 150 guests, the bar and lounge areas, the commercial kitchen and the outdoor patio and deck. They also can select their ceremony site from the entire property.

What Is The Dalmore Farm Wedding Capacity? 

If you plan to have a sit-down dinner, the capacity caps at 125. However, if you plan on going for more of a cocktail and finger food sort of reception, the standing capacity of Dalmore Farms can accommodate 200 guests. 

Are There Dalmore Farm Wedding Accommodations? 

There is space for up to four couples to stay on-site at any given time, and they also work with hand-selected glamping providers that can offer accommodations for up to 30 people. 

What Kind Of Dalmore Farm Wedding Photography Can We Expect? 

The best kind! With killer sunsets, beautiful mossy boulders, tall stand-alone trees and rolling hills, Dalmore Farm offers plenty of twists and turns to explore along the grounds.

For the full farm experience, you can travel in the farm tractor and cart (made by Danny, the talented wood craftsman) as your mode of transport up to your ceremony spot!

For your reception, The Shearing Shed is a blank slate of craftsman-carved wood, cream-toned walls and golden touches that mimic the light that beams through the windows onto the hardwood floors. Lovingly restored with many of its original features, it has stunning indoor and outdoor seating areas – perfect winter wedding location options!

The farm also features a 100-year-old renovated Workman’s Cottage, a quirky little cottage with beautiful interior and exterior light – ideal for photo sessions!

Dalmore absolutely comes alive in winter, offering a ton of places for candid shots, behind-the-scenes fun, full wedding party portraits and more. 

Who Should I Hire As My Dalmore Farm Wedding Photographer? 

I’m not one to toot my own horn, but, it should definitely be me! My experience combined with my love of this venue – knowing the land, how the light behaves, and the logistics and time to get from one location to another – means I’ll be able to give you the best Dalmore Farm wedding photos you can think of. Make sure to reach out to me through my website so we can get started on our plans.

November 14, 2022

Victoria Baker

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  1. Thank you so much for the beautiful blog post! You capture Dalmore perfectly every single time you shoot out here- I am always thrilled when couples tell us they have Victoria Baker as their photographer! We absolutely love working alongside you and seeing your artful photography in action! xx