Quirky Donnelly River Weddings, Bridgetown WA

Donnelly River, Bridgetown WA

Have you ever wanted to get married while a kangaroo trounced around in the background? Perhaps you’d like a friendly emu banding about as your guests dance into the sunset, celebrating your love? Maybe you’ve never thought of any of that as a possibility until this very moment – but if this piqued your interest, Donnelly River weddings in Bridgetown, WA might just be  what you’ve been looking for!

As a wedding photographer, I’ve found a few favourite places throughout my career and the Donnelly River Holiday Village wedding venue is one of them. Maybe it’s because Donnelly River wedding photos come out effortlessly timeless and rustic – a bit like stepping back in time. Or maybe I just have a soft spot for kangaroos and friendly parrots (nature lovers, this is the place for you!). Either way, bear with me as I take a bit of time to gush about all things Donnelly. 

Donnelly River Weddings – Bridgetown, WA 

This rustic, quirky venue is such a fun place to get married! Surrounded by a seemingly enchanted forest, with quaint cabins just waiting to be filled with friends and family, and full of tucked-in corners to discover hidden gems, Donnelly River (Bridgetown, WA) is an ideal place to host your important day and all the special moments that lead up to it. 

Donnelly River wedding photography is truly one of the reasons I love it so much. The buildings give you a ‘if these walls could talk’ vibe because they are so full of life and character – and they’ve housed so much love over the years that you can practically feel the energy of it floating in the air. 

Whether you’re more of a down-home country kind of couple, or you just love a place that’s different from the cookie-cutter places you often see featured in the magazine spreads, you’d be surprised how well this space can fit your needs. In a way, it’s a blank canvas just waiting for each couple to come through and transform it into their dream wedding. 

Depending on what your vision is, Donnelly can usually accommodate! With that said, let’s take a deeper look at some of the specifics of the venue itself. 

Donnelly River Wedding Accommodations

As your (soon-to-be) Donnelly River wedding photographer, I can assure you there’s something for everyone here. Small and intimate, big and raucous, this sprawling timber town has a way to make it happen. Let’s break down some of the main themes and questions surely running through your mind. 

How Many People Can This Venue Actually Fit? 

Donnelly River wedding capacity fluctuates because of the varied accommodations available in the village. For example, you can book the Worker’s Club venue, along with half the village, which would allow for a bit of a larger party to occur. The Workers Club is a rustic building that can seat up to 120 people. 

If you’re looking for a more intimate feel and have a smaller budget, you can book the Loco Shed, plus whatever amount of cottages you would need for your guests. The Loco Shed is a two-story building that can accommodate up to 24 people. 

What Kind Of Budget Do I Need To Book Donnelly River? 

Much like the capacity and cottages, Donnelly River wedding cost will tend to fit your budget, and in general, the venue is truly reasonably priced no matter what the size. Though different factors play in, such as when you book the venue, how many cottages you need, and so on. To get the best understanding of the budget though, it’s always safe to plan for more than less. 

When Is The Best Time To Get Married In Donnelly River? 

Any time is truly a good time. The Workers Club and tennis courts offer fantastic outdoor areas for the summer, and in the colder months you can get the fire pits going to add to the ambience! The driest weather is going to be between January and March, but it all depends on your vibe – Donnelly River comes alive whatever the weather! If you’re into a wedding venue that delivers a “magical party in the forest vibe” adorned with festoon lights, Donnelly is ideal.

Who Is The Best Donnelly River Wedding Photographer? 

I’m so glad you asked this question, as it is truly important. Me! I’m so excited to help you embark on your wedding day dreams, so please reach out to me so we can get all the planning started! 

January 15, 2023

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