Rustic Country Weddings: Lewana Cottages, Balingup WA

Lewana Cottages Wedding Venue

Have you ever fallen in love, immediately, with a place? That’s right — not a person, but a place? If you have, then you know exactly the feeling I’m about to describe. If you haven’t, I will do my absolute best to explain how I fell in love with the Lewana Cottages wedding venue.

About Lewana Cottages Wedding Venue

Located between Balingup and Nannup, WA, Lewana Cottages is a place that I fell instantly in love with the minute I stepped foot on the grounds — and the grounds are huge by the way. It’s a sprawling property surrounded by natural beauty no matter which way you turn! 

Lewana Cottages wedding couples photos

Aesthetic And Vibes

From the pine forest that encircles the property, to the incredible light that illuminates the valley, to the sunsets that seem to paint the skies with colours so pure they can only exist in nature — there are so many things about this place that make it magical, and a perfect place for your dream wedding! 

Why Should You Consider Lewana Cottages?

Based on my description, you might already be sold. I can understand that! It’s really all it takes. Still, let us dive a little deeper into everything else that makes Lewana Cottages in Balingup WA your ideal wedding destination — and of course in the process, I hope to show you why I am your ideal Lewana Cottages wedding photographer. 

One of the first things that I learned, and loved, about this place was the kind of access you get when you choose Lewana Cottages; it’s a sole-use venue. This means that when you get this place, you get the ENTIRE place. The owners, Mark and Jayne, are just wonderful to work with and the grounds are yours to explore — the cabins and spaces (like the heritage barn) are all available to use. I’ve shot many different weddings here, and it’s found a place in my heart!

I’ve Scouted The Grounds & Beyond

I’ve explored WAY off the beaten track of Lewana — further than any other wedding photographer! — and it’s not uncommon for me to adventure deep into the pines with my couples. You could easily get lost here! The scenery and backdrop at sunset is divine for Lewana Cottages wedding photos. This quirky old water tank has also been a bit of a hit with my couples. 

Capacity & Accommodation

Another bonus is that Lewana Cottages’ wedding capacity is at your disposal — you can make of it what you will! If you’re planning a bigger affair, you can have your wedding parties stay on the grounds and there are great spots for glamping to easily accommodate the rest of your guests! There are six cottages (up to a maximum of 45 guests) if you want to make your wedding last all weekend. 

As a sole-use event space, Lewana Cottages wedding accommodations are all at your fingertips — and considering there are over 100 acres of property, there is plenty to do while you’re there! There are playgrounds for the kids to explore while the adults get settled in, and an alpaca farm which is guaranteed to entertain the whole family. In the colder months, it’s the perfect spot to get cosy and gather around the awesome fire pits to roast marshmallows with the kids!

There’s a coffee cart for guests to have a wonderfully warm Italian espresso as they first wake up … and tons more to discover! With so much that we can choose from, it makes the options for Lewana Cottages wedding photography endless and the shots that much more unique. 

Catering Options

Catering at Lewana Cottages is entirely your choice and you can go wild! As a sole-use venue, it’s a BYOB/BYOF space — which is awesome as we’re certainly spoilt for choice with a huge array of amazing self sufficient caterers and food trucks in the South West. I’ve tried loads of them so hit me up for my list! If you’re going for a country / festival style wedding, this really adds to the vibe.

By now, you’re probably envisioning what a dream wedding will look like as you traipse the grounds of Lewana Cottages — and I can’t wait to help you make those dreams come true. Make sure to reach out to me today so we can start planning together! 

March 21, 2023

Victoria Baker

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